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Table 2 Data source of SFGD

From: SFGD: a comprehensive platform for mining functional information from soybean transcriptome data and its use in identifying acyl-lipid metabolism pathways

Name Number Source
Coding gene and annotation 66,207 genes, the items of cDNA, CDS and protein are all 75,778, respectively[6]
Full-length cDNA 37,870 (4708 full, 32,063 forward and 27,927 reverse sequences)[29]
Consensus sequence 37,593
Consensus sequence annotation 18,872 (including GO term, EC number and description)[47]
Microarray experiment 14 experiments, 245 samples
Deep sequencing data Four experiments, 30 samples
MicroRNA data 229 (precursor and mature sequences)[58]
SNP 17 wild and 14 cultivated soybean species [52]