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Figure 1

From: SNP Discovery for mapping alien introgressions in wheat

Figure 1

Flow cytometric analysis of 5Mgshort arm. Histogram of the relative fluorescence intensity (flow karyotype) obtained after the analysis of a DAPI-stained chromosome suspension prepared from a wheat-Ae. geniculata ditelosomic addition line t5MgS. The leftmost peak represents chromosome t5MgS. In addition, the flow karyotype comprises three composite peaks I, II and III, representing groups of wheat chromosomes, and a peak representing wheat chromosome 3B. Inset: Examples of flow sorted chromosomes after FISH with probes for the Afa-family (yellow-green) and [GAA]n repeats (red). The chromosomes were counterstained by DAPI (blue). X axis: DAPI fluorescence intensity; Y axis: number of events.

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