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Figure 1

From: Genome-wide analysis and expression profile of the bZIP transcription factor gene family in grapevine (Vitis vinifera)

Figure 1

The phylogenetic tree of grapevine and Arabidopsis bZIP genes. The 55 grapevine, 72 Arabidopsis and 99 poplar bZIP domain protein sequences were aligned by Clustal X 1.83 and the phylogenetic tree was constructed using MGA5.0 by the Neighbor-Joining (NJ) method. The Bootstrap value was 1,000 replicates. The gene names of the characterized bZIP genes are shown in parenthesis after the gene numbers, and which were referred to previous research [2, 4]. A(A/Ara), B(C/Ara) and so on is presented as the subfamily names of bZIP gene family in grapevine (capital letter outside the parenthesis) and Arabidopsis (capital letter in parenthesis and Ara represent for Arabidopsis), UC, unclassed genes or clades. The colored branch indicates the different subfamily and the black represent for UC.

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