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Figure 3

From: Visual gene-network analysis reveals the cancer gene co-expression in human endometrial cancer

Figure 3

A systematic screen in ECs-associated networks identifies cancer hub genes. A plot representation of the elastic-net regression gene selection results showing the Gene significance (GS, x-axis) and scaled gene connectivity (K, y-axis) of all genes of Myellow network that are associated with (A) Grade, (B) Type, (C) Stage and that of the Mblue network that are associated with Stage (D). Each circle represents a single phenotype-gene interaction and the size is proportional to the frequency (f) calculated from the elastic-net regression analysis. The red dashed line indicates the cancer hub genes selection criteria (GS > 0.25, K > 0.2). Insets (1) - (4) are magnified views of selected cancer hub genes.

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