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Table 1 Module significance in ECs and GO analysis

From: Visual gene-network analysis reveals the cancer gene co-expression in human endometrial cancer

Module Correlationawith phenotypic characteristics of ECs (p-value) Gene ontology enrichment analysis
  Grade Type Stage Term p-valueb FDR
Blue −0.002 (9.0E−1) 0.08 (2.2E−1) 0.42 (6.0E−19) Antigen processing 8.7E−12 1.7E−12
     TCA cycle 4.5E−12 2.1E−12
Green 0.006 (9.1E−1) −0.02 (6.1E−5) 0.01 (9.3E−1) Immune response 3.7E−43 6.3E−40
Turquoise −0.17 (6.4E−3) −0.19 (2.4E−3) 0.17 (6.2E−3) Cell adhesion 2.9E−29 1.1E−29
Yellow 0.44 (1.2E−16) 0.34 (6.3E−9) 0.31 (2.1E−7) Cell-cycle regulation 4.9E−35 8.6E−32
  1. aThe correlation coefficient was calculated from the module eigengenes (i.e., first principal component of the expression values across subjects) and phenotypic characteristics of ECs using Pearson correlation.
  2. bp-value used the Bonferroni-adjusted p-value.