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Table 2 Mitotype-specific ORFs and protein coding genes between the hau CMS line and its maintainer line

From: Comparative analysis of mitochondrial genomes between the hau cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) line and its iso-nuclear maintainer line in Brassica juncea to reveal the origin of the CMS-associated gene orf288

Mitotype ORF Similarity of predicted protein Location
hau mitotype specific orf325 nad3 and rps12 genes, partial sequence [Brassica napus] Between syntenic regions 12 and 10
  orf170 ADN44176.1 photosystem 1 subunit A, partial (chloroplast) In the syntenic region 12
  orf288 CAA58667.1 orf263 (mitochondrion) [Brassica tournefortii] Between syntenic regions 6 and 13
Normal mitotype specific orf109 YP_717154.1 hypothetical protein BrnapMp057 [Brassica napus] Between syntenic regions 5 and 6
  orf293 YP_004927826.1 orf293 (mitochondrion) [Brassica rapa subsp. campestris] The edge of syntenic region 12
  rps7 NP_085579.1 ribosomal protein S7 [Arabidopsis thaliana] Between syntenic regions 6 and 7