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Figure 3

From: Genome based analysis of type-I polyketide synthase and nonribosomal peptide synthetase gene clusters in seven strains of five representative Nocardia species

Figure 3

Comparison of nbt -like, siderophore-synthesizing gene clusters (Figure 2#20) among Nocardia species. N. farcinica (A), N. otitidiscaviarum (B), N. asteroides (C), N. brasiliensis NBRC 14402T(D), and N. brasiliensis IFM 10847 (E). An nbtF-like gene was located distantly from other nbt-like genes in N. otitiduscaviarum and N. asteroides genomes. Homologous NRPSs are marked with the same colors (green, purple, and yellow), while PKS-Is are colored orange. In N. otitidiscaviarum, nbtA, nbtB, nbtC, nbtE-like genes were not found. F. Domains and module structures of a putative siderophore synthetic gene cluster (line #40 in Figure 2) found only in N. otitidiscaviarum IFM 11049. Putative gene functions were inferred by BLASTP search [26] and MOTIF search [21] and are indicated in the figure.

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