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Table 1 Demographic summary of sample

From: Sex differences in the human peripheral blood transcriptome

  Female Male
Total # subjects (after QC) 3427 1814
group (NTR/NESDA) 2079/1348 1147/667
age (mean/sd) 38.5/12.7 38.9/13.7
bmi (mean/sd) 25.6/4.1 24.5/4.6
smoking status (percentage of smokers) 27.00% 32.00%
red blood cell count 8.3/0.6 9.4/0.6
Menopause status females (pre/post) 2687/740  
Contraceptive pill use (yes/no) 1093/2334  
  1. The sample consisted of 5241 subjects (after QC) from the Dutch NESDA and NTR cohorts.