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Table 2 The ranking of mapped mechanical OIH genes using robustness scoring

From: The Netrin-1 receptor DCC is a regulator of maladaptive responses to chronic morphine administration

Gene Score
Dcc 395.65
X4930473A06Rik 392.33
Setbp1 377.11
Rad51l1 375.21
X6030471H07Rik 374.88
Psmc1 374.67
ttc7b 374.53
X4930546C10Rik 368.11
Slc4a4 362.14
Ctif 353.74
Cxcr1 343.80
Lrch1 342.93
Tcf4 340.13
Rora 337.48
Vil1 335.24
  1. Genes mapped to the trait of mechanical OIH were ranked after subjecting the data to the robustness scoring procedure described in Methods. Higher scores indicate more robust mapping results.