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Table 4 Unigene naming criteria are as follows

From: A comprehensive assessment of the transcriptome of cork oak (Quercus suber) through EST sequencing

Method   Assignment
BDBH   Ortholog
BLASTp search   
Alignment length identity  
> 85% > 35% High confidence
> 70% > 25% Homolog
< 70% > 30% Conserved domain
< 70% < 30% Low confidence
  1. If a gene is bi-directional best hit (BDBH) of X in A. thaliana (or P. trichocarpa), we term it ortholog of X; if it is similar to X in A. thaliana (or P. trichocarpa) using BLASTp and it aligns in 85% of its length with more than 35% identity, we term it a High confidence X in Q. suber, etc.