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Table 3 List of transcripts used during evaluation of platforms

From: Evaluation of high throughput gene expression platforms using a genomic biomarker signature for prediction of skin sensitization

Gene symbol Entrez gene ID DELTAGene™ assay ID NanoString® probe ID Life technologies™ assay ID
ADAM20 8748 GEP00055625 NM_003814.4:1420 Hs01083178_s1
CD33 945 GEP00055628 NM_001177608.1:730 Hs00233544_m1
CD86 942 GEP00055621 NM_175862.3:1265 Hs01567026_m1
CD93 22918 GEA00016079 NM_012072.3:4270 Hs00362607_m1
DHCR24 1718 GEA00025118 NM_014762.2:975 Hs00207388_m1
DHX33 56919 GEP00055629 NM_001199699.1:2873 Hs01063767_m1
FAS 355 GEP00055622 NM_152876.1:1740 Hs00907759_m1
FASN 2194 GEA00032375 NM_004104.4:5387 Hs00188012_m1
FDXR 2232 GEA00028039 NM_004110.3:1123 Hs01031618_g1
GDAP2 54834 GEA00028183 NM_001135589.1:640 Hs00214424_m1
GDF11 10220 GEA00006411 NM_005811.3:3590 Hs00195156_m1
GNL3L 54552 GEA00029786 NM_001184819.1:1935 Hs00535521_m1
HIST1H3J 8356 GEA00014232 NM_003535.2:364 Hs00361917_s1
HMGCS1 3157 GEA00026981 NM_002130.4:420 Hs00940429_m1
HNRNPL 3191 GEA00029122 NM_001533.2:757 Hs00704853_s1
LY96 23643 GEP00055624 NM_015364.2:360 Hs01026734_m1
MAPK13 5603 GEP00055633 NM_002754.3:1050 Hs00559623_m1
MTR 4548 GEA00030234 NM_000254.2:6816 Hs00299285_s1
NQO1 1718 GEA00013124 NM_000903.2:790 Hs02512143_s1
OR5B21 219968 GEA00014658 NM_001005218.1:292 Hs02339238_s1
PFAS 5198 GEA00032277 NM_012393.2:4655 Hs00389822_m1
PHLDA3 23612 GEA00015249 NM_012396.3:532 Hs01926548_s1
RFC2 5982 GEP00055631 NM_181471.1:835 Hs00945948_m1
SFPQ 6421 GEP00055626 NM_005066.2:1995 Hs00192574_m1
SLC37A4 2542 GEP00055634 NM_001164277.1:1248 Hs00184616_m1
SQLE 6713 GEP00055620 NM_003129.3:250 Hs01123768_m1
TLR6 10333 GEA00012581 NM_006068.2:2530 Hs00271977_s1
TMEM97 27346 GEP00055627 NM_014573.2:2055 Hs00299877_m1
TXNRD1 7296 GEA00013820 NM_001093771.1:1009 Hs00917067_m1
ABCB4 5244 GEP00055630 NM_018849.2:2125 Hs00240956_m1
GAPDH 2597 GEP00055153 NM_002046.3:972 Hs03929097_g1
HPRT1 3251 GEP00055483 NM_000194.1:240 Hs99999909_m1
  1. A set of 30 transcripts from the GPS was analyzed on all three platforms. Transcripts are listed by gene symbol, Entrez Gene ID, DELTAGene™ assay ID, NanoString® probe ID and Life Technologies™ Assay ID. In addition to transcripts from the GPS, three reference transcripts, ABCB4, GAPDH and HPRT1 were analyzed on the evaluated platforms and used for normalization of data.