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Table 4 Comparison of platforms

From: Evaluation of high throughput gene expression platforms using a genomic biomarker signature for prediction of skin sensitization

Platform Affymetrix® nCounter® BioMark HD™ OpenArray®
Technology Microarray Hybridization RT-qPCR RT-qPCR
Input material cDNA Total RNA Pre-Amp cDNA cDNA
Sample consumption 300 ng total RNA/sample 200 ng total RNA/sample 125 ng cDNA/sample 120 ng cDNA/sample
Time for analysis ~4 days from RNA to results 22 h from RNA to results with a hands on time of 15 minutes. 7 h from cDNA to results with a hands on time of ~ 4 h 3 h from cDNA to results with a hands on time of 20 minutes.
Protocols Difficult Easy Medium Easy
Pricea $$$$ $$$ $ $$
  1. Comparison are based on the 48 samples analyzed in the present study. a Platforms were graded based on total cost to analyze the complete set of 48 samples. The number of $ denotes the relation in costs between the platforms, with the highest number assigned to the most expensive platform.