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Table 2 The unigenes of Leymus chinensis transcriptome dataset that best hit SI candidate genes in Lolium perenne

From: The large-scale investigation of gene expression in Leymus chinensis stigmas provides a valuable resource for understanding the mechanisms of poaceae self-incompatibility

Can - homology to Rice- annotation The best hit to the Leymus chinensis unigene dataset Identity (%) P-value
Beta-expansin 2 precursor contig34768 (not included in stigma) 89.81 5.00E-46
Pathogenesis-related protein PRB1-3 precursor 4-GJVU7SP04IOQ46 (in stigma) 93.52 3.00E-38
Expressed protein contig26721 (in stigma) 91.98 2.00E-134
Pollen-specific kinase partner protein contig23066 (included in 1025 unigene) 91.52 2.00E-125
ELMO domain-containing protein 2 contig15874 (included in 1025 unigene) 90.45 5.00E-106
CBL-interacting serine/threonine-protein kinase 15 contig23698 (included in 1025 unigene) 91.22 0
Calcium-dependent protein kinase contig24124 (in stigma) 92.53 0
Serine/threonine-protein kinase NAK contig24204 (included in 1025 unigene) 90.13 3.00E-177
gtk16 protein contig15929 (in stigma) 95 1.00E-47
myb-like DNA-binding domain, SHAQKYF class familyprotein contig 05419 (in stigma) 92.31 1.00E-36