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Table 1 Number of DE transcripts in different pairwise comparisons of the libraries

From: Differential gene expression between functionally specialized polyps of the colonial hydrozoan Hydractinia symbiolongicarpus (Phylum Cnidaria)

  Full dataset Adjusted dataset
  DESeq edgeR DESeq edgeR
Dact vs Gast 662 2,498 2,062 4,230
Dact vs Gono 2,312 16,879 10,341 18,899
Gast vs Gono 4,245 16,889 11,908 18,744
Male vs Female 11,798 12,886   
  1. Full Dataset corresponds to the number of transcripts recovered from DE analyses (padj < .05). Adjusted dataset refers to counts following heterogametic adjustments.