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Table 3 Polyp-specific DE transcripts analyzed with whole mount in situ hybridization

From: Differential gene expression between functionally specialized polyps of the colonial hydrozoan Hydractinia symbiolongicarpus (Phylum Cnidaria)

Transcript ID Name Top blast hit HMM family Polyp type
Hs_transcript_5320 toxin_5320 echotoxin a Sea anemone cytotoxic protein Gastrozooid
Hs_transcript_48857 myosin_48857 myosin heavy chain isoform a Myosin tail Dactylozooid
Hs_transcript_3875 toxin_3875 echotoxin a Sea anemone cytotoxic protein Dactylozooid
Hs_transcript_44185 cerberus cerberus 1 DAN domain Dactylozooid
Hs_transcript_16185 capicua transcription factor capicua HMG (high mobility group) Gonozooid
Hs_transcript_1524 hedgehog indian hedgehog b Hint module Gonozooid
Hs_transcript_54452 bmpR_54452 BMP receptor Protein kinase domain Gonozooid