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Table 2 Two most abundant TR γ clones detected in 100,000 sequences from diagnosis sample (Diag) of a patient with ALL

From: Fast multiclonal clusterization of V(D)J recombinations from high-throughput sequencing

     Vidjil IMGT/V-QUEST IgBlast
Clone #01 TRGV5*01 -5/CC/0 TRGJ1*02 9 204 reads 7 376 reads 11 319 reads
  ... GTGCCACCTGGG CC TTATTATAAGAA... (31.9%) (42.1%) (36.3%)
Clone #02 TRGV10*02 -5/AGAC/ -3 TRGJP1*01 253 reads 175 reads 353 reads
  ... TGTGCTGCGTGG AGAC CCACTGGTTGGT... (0.88%) (0.80%) (1.1%)
  1. In this sample, 28 809 reads have been segmented by Vidjil, 29 039 by IMGT/HighV-QUEST (and 21 876 when taking into account IMGT/JunctionAnalysis results) and 31 147 by IgBlast. For each method, the number of associated reads is given. The VJ segmentation proposed by Vidjil was manually checked against the analysis provided by IMGT/V-QUEST and IgBlast. Clone #01 has the recombination TRGV5*01 -5/CC/0 TRGJ1*02, which means that the V gene is TRGV5*01, according to the IMGT nomenclature, and its last five nucleotides have been deleted. The N-diversity region is composed of two inserted Cs, and the J gene is TRGJ1*02, which has no deletion.