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Table 2 27 Salmonella Cerro isolates sequenced in this study

From: Genomic characterization of Salmonella Cerro ST367, an emerging Salmonella subtype in cattle in the United States

FSL no.a Source Date of isolation Obtained fromb County and/or state of origin SRA accessionc
R8-4199 Canine host Oct-1989 WSU WA SRR654177
R8-4201 Feline host Jun-1990 WSU WA SRR654178
R8-4194 Feline host Dec-1986 WSU FL SRR654174
R8-4196 Bovine host Jul-1987 WSU Grant, WA SRR654176
R8-4235 Bovine host Aug-2001 WSU Yakima, WA SRR654180
R8-4285 Bovine host Aug-2007 WSU Yakima, WA SRR654183
R8-4271 Bovine host Jan-2006 WSU Grant, WA SRR654182
R8-4204 Bovine host Jan-2000 WSU Yakima, WA SRR654179
R8-3973 Human host 2008 NYSDOH NY SRR653053
R8-3972* Human host 2007 NYSDOH NY SRR653052
R8-2827* Farm environment Oct-2008 CU-Warnick Tompkins, NY SRR653002
R8-2660* Bovine host, non-clinical Sep-2008 CU-Warnick Niagara, NY SRR654036
R8-2280* Bovine host, clinical Apr-2008 CAHDC Wyoming, NY SRR653929
R8-0257 Bovine host, non-clinical Jan-2008 CU-Warnick Genesee, NY SRR653610
R8-1413 Farm environment Jun-2008 CU-Warnick Niagara, NY SRR653005
R8-1441 Bovine host, non-nlinical May-2008 CU-Warnick Steuben, NY SRR653928
R8-0358 Bovine host, non-clinical Jan-2008 CU-Warnick Steuben, NY SRR653721
R8-0245 Bovine host, non-clinical Jan-2008 CU-Warnick Genesee, NY SRR653609
R8-2349 Bovine host, clinical Jun-2008 CAHDC Livingston, NY SRR653931
R8-1415 Farm environment Jun-2008 CU-Warnick Niagara, NY SRR653010
R8-2008 Farm environment Aug-2008 CU-Warnick Franklin, NY SRR653009
R8-2639 Bovine host, non-clinical Aug-2008 CU-Warnick Franklin, NY SRR654035
R8-3258 Bovine host, clinical Jul-2008 CAHDC Livingston, NY SRR654173
R8-1044 Bovine host, non-clinical Apr-2008 CU-Warnick Genesee, NY SRR653927
R8-2237 Farm environment Sep-2008 CU-Warnick Steuben, NY SRR652998
R8-0235 Bovine host, non-clinical Jan-2008 CU-Warnick Wyoming, NY SRR654552
R8-1390 Farm environment May-2008 CU-Warnick Steuben, NY SRR652996
  1. aIsolates marked with an asterisk were used in the Caco-2 invasion assays.
  2. bWSU = Washington State University; NYSDOH = New York State Department of Health; CU-Warnick = Cornell University, Warnick laboratory; CAHDC = Animal Health Diagnostic Center, Cornell University.
  3. cSRA = Sequence Read Archive (