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Table 1 General genomic characteristics of S. rhizophila DSM14405 T , S. maltophilia R551-3 and S. maltophilia K279a

From: Stenotrophomonas comparative genomics reveals genes and functions that differentiate beneficial and pathogenic bacteria

  S. rhizophila DSM 14405T* S. maltophilia R551-3** S. maltophilia K279a**
Number of bases 4,648,976 bp 4,573,696 bp 4,851,126 bp
G = C content (%) 67.26 66.3 66.3
Number of CDSs 4,033 4,039 4,386
Coding Percentage 88.5 89.4 88.8
Average of ORF Length 1,020 bp 1,013 bp 983 bp
rRNA 12(genes) 12(genes) 12(genes)
tRNA 72 73 74
  1. *Information presented here corresponds to the original annotation. Alterations could occur due to possible updates.
  2. **According to the genome information provided in the corresponding NCBI gbk-data.