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Table 4 Selected S. rhizophila DSM14405 T genes with known biological roles impacted by the 35°C heat shock

From: Stenotrophomonas comparative genomics reveals genes and functions that differentiate beneficial and pathogenic bacteria

Gene/Locus tag (Putative) Product Transcription fold change Biological role
DX03_01700 (rpoH) sigma 32 3.0 heat shock sigma factor
DX03_05495 negative regulator of sigma 24 3.1 transcription regulation
DX03_11865 (dnaJ) chaperone DnaJ 3.1 stress response
DX03_11870 (dnaK) chaperone DnaK 2.9 stress response
DX03_11875 (grpE) chaperone complex protein 2.6 prevents the aggregation of stress-denatured proteins
DX03_02015 (groS) co-chaperonin GroES 2.4 heat shock chaperone
DX03_02020 (groL) chaperonin GroEL 1.9 heat shock chaperone
DX03_12190 (htpG) heat shock chaperone 2.0 heat shock response
DX03_07545 (fkpA) chaperone 2.0 stress response
DX03_10250 (clpA) ATPase with chaperone activity 1.8 stress response
DX03_14890 (yraA) protease 2.3 degradation of abnormal/stress-denatured proteins
DX03_05505 (degP) protease 2.1 degradation of abnormal/stress-denatured proteins
DX03_02875 (hslV) protease 1.5 degradation of abnormal/stress-denatured proteins
DX03_06825 (htpX) protease 1.5 degradation of abnormal/stress-denatured proteins due to heat shock
DX03_15635 (lon) Lon Protease 1.5 degradation of abnormal/stress-denatured proteins
DX03_03030 (prc) protease 1.5 Protein degradation under thermal stress
DX03_05315 (cbpA) DNA-binding protein; accessory protein for DnaJ 1.8 heat shock response
DX03_11520 (gtaB) UTP--glucose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase 1.6 general stress protein
DX03_18990 killer protein 2.4 suicide mechanism
DX03_18795 entericidin EcnAB 3.3 suicide mechanism
DX03_06640 sigma 24 0.3 primary general stress sigma factor
DX03_04075 fimbrial assembly family protein 0.6 pili-driven motility
DX03_04080 pilus assembly protein PilO 0.6 pili-driven motility
DX03_04085 pilus assembly protein PilP 0.6 pili-driven motility
DX03_04090 (pilQ) pilus assembly protein PilQ 0.6 pili-driven motility
DX03_04405 (fimA) fimbrial protein 0.6 pili-driven motility
DX03_04895 (pilJ) fimbrial protein 0.6 pili-driven motility
DX03_10405 (fliC) A-type flagellin 0.5 pili-driven motility
DX03_12885 (ppdD) fimbrial protein pilin 0.4 pili-driven motility
DX03_12890 type 4 fimbrial biogenesis 0.6 pili-driven motility
DX03_12905 pre-pilin leader sequence 0.5 pili-driven motility
DX03_12910 pre-pilin leader-like sequence 0.5 pili-driven motility
  1. Fold changes correspond to the S. rhizophila DSM14405T treated with 35°C compared to 30°C (control).