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Figure 2

From: Genomic data integration for ecological and evolutionary traits in non-model organisms

Figure 2

A proposal of neoENCODE organization. A. The neoENCODE framework will not take part in electing neo-model species nor in organizing genome-sequencing consortia. It will act at the level of annotation and phenotypic association as a common integrative framework for many genome projects. B. In order to give the neoENCODE framework more substance, a council of representatives from the different communities involved could chair this initiative. They could organize regular open meetings and hear the reports from the other structuring component of this framework: the working groups. Each of this group could work on experimental and analytical aspects of the project. Some areas where they could be involved are highlighted on this figure. Their main task will be to create common guidelines for established procedures, but also, ensure that those procedures are applicable to the peculiarities of each neo-model species.

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