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Table 3 VM-specific defense loci

From: Comparative transcriptomics of the model mushroom Coprinopsis cinerea reveals tissue-specific armories and a conserved circuitry for sexual development

Locus Fold VM/S1P PSI Blast *p-value †SignalP ‡TMHMM
CC1G_05299 2076 Ricin B-fold protein 2.95E-240 N N
CC1G_10614 1481 CFEM domain-containing protein 9.18E-166 Y N
CC1G_15645 851 CFEM domain-containing protein 1.51E-194 Y N
CC1G_09154 639 Cerato-platanin protein 6.24E-233 Y N
CC1G_13813 527 CFEM domain-containing protein 6.90E-195 Y N
CC1G_05638 67 Peptidoglycan-binding domain 1 protein 1.19E-119 Y 1
CC1G_05246 42 Ricin B-fold protein 7.71E-125 Y N
CC1G_09155 24 Cerato-platanin protein 3.27E-75 Y N
CC1G_09421 21 Terpenoid synthase 5.98E-27 N N
CC1G_11847 17 Lysozyme 2.00E-08 Y N
CC1G_08066 16 Ricin B-fold protein 1.01E-45 Y N
CC1G_08310 13 Lysozyme 6.90E-09 Y N
CC1G_15739 10 Ricin B-fold protein 1.54E-59 Y N
CC1G_03046 8 Lysozyme 3.68E-05 Y N
  1. *Fisher’s exact test.
  2. †N or Y indicates the lack or presence of a signal peptide.
  3. ‡N indicates a lack of transmembrane helices, while a number corresponds to the amount of transmembrane helices predicted in the ORF.