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Table 2 Candidates for hypersensitivity initiation from microarray data

From: Quantitative proteomics and transcriptomics of potato in response to Phytophthora infestans in compatible and incompatible interactions

RNA transcripts Increased in incompatible clones
Gene ID Protein ID Name 6 h 24 h 72 h
PGSC0003DMG401010883 PGSC0003DMP400019223 R2r3-myb transcription factor *   
PGSC0003DMG402004331 PGSC0003DMP400007701 Conserved gene of unknown function *   
PGSC0003DMG400030212 PGSC0003DMP400052593 Nitrate reductase *   
PGSC0003DMG400001855 PGSC0003DMP400003321 Beta-amylase PCT-BMYI *   
PGSC0003DMG400036101 PGSC0003DMP400058205 Gene of unknown function *   
PGSC0003DMG400019518 PGSC0003DMP400033920 Pseudo response regulator *   
PGSC0003DMG400011502 PGSC0003DMP400020369 PEP carboxylase kinase *   
PGSC0003DMG400020209 PGSC0003DMP400035084 Nodulin family protein *   
PGSC0003DMG400001460 PGSC0003DMP400002648 Ninja-family protein Os03g0419100 *   
PGSC0003DMG400025240 PGSC0003DMP400043812 Axi 1 protein *   
PGSC0003DMG400020498 PGSC0003DMP400035611 Inositol-1,4,5-triphosphate-5-phosphatase   *  
PGSC0003DMG400023702 PGSC0003DMP400041014 Calmodulin binding protein   *  
PGSC0003DMG400023949 PGSC0003DMP400041401 Abscisic acid receptor PYL4   *  
PGSC0003DMG400001771 PGSC0003DMP400003164 Dead box ATP-dependent RNA helicase   *  
PGSC0003DMG400001387 PGSC0003DMP400002507 Ocs element-binding factor   *  
PGSC0003DMG400010759 PGSC0003DMP400019038 Gene of unknown function   *  
PGSC0003DMG400000731 PGSC0003DMP400001424 Response to dessication RD2   *  
PGSC0003DMG400009982 PGSC0003DMP400017630 BTB/POZ domain-containing protein   *  
PGSC0003DMG400003993 PGSC0003DMP400007118 Citrate binding protein   *  
PGSC0003DMG400003057 PGSC0003DMP400005490 Osmotin   * *
PGSC0003DMG400015267 PGSC0003DMP400026776 Kunitz-type protease inhibitor   * *
PGSC0003DMG400026220 PGSC0003DMP400045511 Major pollen allergen Ory s 1   * *
PGSC0003DMG400008100 PGSC0003DMP400014249 KiTH-2 * * *
PGSC0003DMG400008099 PGSC0003DMP400014248 KiTH-2 * * *
PGSC0003DMG400008098 PGSC0003DMP400014247 KiTH-2 * * *
  1. Genes with increased expression in the two incompatible clones Sarpo Mira and SW93-1015, but not in compatible Desirée. Genes with a minimum 4-fold up-regulation in both Sarpo Mira and SW93-1015 at 6 or 24 hpi and stable or down-regulated in Desirée at 6 and 24 hpi were selected. Up-regulation is indicated with an asterisk. Bolded protein IDs and names indicate proteins for which abundance data was obtained. Symbol (*) indicates the time point in which the change was observed.