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Table 5 The list of isoform differences between two populations determined by transcript start site and splicing

From: Transcriptomics of differential vector competence: West Nile virus infection in two populations of Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus linked to ovary development

Locus Description log2 (fold-change) p-value
CPIJ010552 Cyclin d −3.11246 1.89E-06
CPIJ010553 Cyclin d −3.67618 3.57E-08
CPIJ010767 Hypothetical protein −1.63552 1.66E-06
CPIJ001247 Conserved hypothetical protein 1.63872 2.17E-05
CPIJ013252 Conserved hypothetical protein −3.5691 3.93E-06
CPIJ014249 Adenosine deaminase 2.90642 3.83E-05
CPIJ014553 Salivary long D7 protein 3 2.7805 2.88E-05
CPIJ019718 Conserved hypothetical protein 2.61949 8.63E-07
CPIJ020286 Isoleucyl tRNA synthetase, putative 3.42754 3.73E-05
CPIJ002737 MPA2 allergen 1.68586 4.67E-06
CPIJ003615 Salivary protein 2.6373 9.62E-06
CPIJ005240 Latent nuclear antigen, putative 4.20007 2.17E-06
CPIJ008546 Predicted protein −2.95674 8.30E-06
CPIJ017916 Pdz 0.233522 1.00E-05
CPIJ009271 Vitellogenin 0.832555 1.00E-05
CPIJ009662 Tripartite 0.832555 1.00E-05
  1. TSS: transcript start site.