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Table 1 Serum L-carnitine Levels

From: L-carnitine and PPARα-agonist fenofibrate are involved in the regulation of Carnitine Acetyltransferase (CrAT) mRNA levels in murine liver cells

  Serum L-carnitine concentration (μM) SD p-value
(A) Fetal Calf Serum 36 ±9 -
(B) Dialysed Fetal Calf Serum 16 ±5 p = 0.028
  1. Measurements of serum L-carnitine concentrations before and after dialysis. For statistical analysis dialysed FCS was compared to non-dialysed FCS (values represent means, n = 3, (A) vs. (B) p = 0.028).