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Table 1 Fermentation essential genes shown to be absent in either LIT_FRYG or SGD_FRYG databases

From: Genome-wide identification of the Fermentome; genes required for successful and timely completion of wine-like fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae

FEGs absent in LIT_FRYG FEGs absent in SGD_FRYG FEGs absent in LIT_FRYG and SGD_FRYG
DUF1 (YOL087C) HRK1 (YOR267C) CCZ1 (YBR131W)
GPA2 (YER020W) CYK3 (YDL117W) ATG7 (YHR171W)
NHX1 (YDR456W)   HXK1 (YFR053C)
OPI1 (YHL020C)   PUG1 (YER185W)
PUG1 (YER185W)   RXT3 (YDL076C)
RBL2 (YOR265W)   YFL012W
RTT103 (YDR289C)   CIS1 (YDR022C)
TOM1 (YDR457W)   SNX4 (YJL036W)
VAC8 (YEL013W)   
ZAP1 (YJL056C)   
GPR1 (YDL035C)   
OPI1 (YHL020C)   
  1. The 93 FEG dataset identified after the fermentation screen and GO analysis depicted in Figure 1, was compared with the LIT_FRYG and SGD_FRYG databases (see Additional file 3 to determine which genes were absent and thus unique to this study).