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Table 3 Effect upon fermentation of yeast lacking genes encoding vacuolar H + ATPase complex and associated proteins

From: Genome-wide identification of the Fermentome; genes required for successful and timely completion of wine-like fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gene V-ATPase subunit Function (eight subunit peripheral domain) Essential for fermentation
VMA1 (TFP1) A ATP hydrolysis Yes
VMA2 B Regulatory, ATP binding?, Actin binding? Yes
VMA5 C Stator Yes
VMA8 D Rotor Yes
VMA4 E Stator Yes
VMA7 F Rotor Yes
VMA10 G Stator Yes
VMA13 H Stator Yes
  V o domain (six subunit integral domain)  
VPH1 a (vph1p) Proton pore, stator, sorting (vacuole) Yes
STV1 a (Stv1p) Proton pore, stator, sorting (golgi/endosome) No
VMA3 (CUP5) c Proton pore, rotor (dicyclohexylcarbodiimide binding) Yes
VMA11 (TFP3) c’ Proton pore, rotor Yes
VMA16 (PPA1) c” Proton pore, rotor Yes
VMA6 d Rotor Yes
VMA9 e ? nd
  Assembly Factors  
VPH2 (VMA12) Vph2p Integral membrane protein; vacuolar H+ ATPase (V-ATPase) assembly Yes
VMA22 Vma22p Peripheral membrane protein; vacuolar H+ ATPase assembly Yes
VPS3 Vps3p CORVET tethering complex; cytoplasmic protein required for sorting & processing of soluble vacuolar proteins, acidification of vacuolar lumen, & assembly of V-ATPase No
PKR1 Pkr1p V-ATPase assembly factor, functions with other V-ATPase assembly factors in ER to assemble V-ATPase membrane sector (Vo) Yes
  RAVE complex  
SKP1 Skp1p Evolutionarily conserved kinetochore protein; part of SCF ubiquitin ligase complex, CBF3 complex binding centromeric DNA, & RAVE complex regulating assembly of V-ATPase nd
RAV1 Rav1p Subunit of RAVE complex (Rav1p, Rav2p, Skp1p), promotes assembly of V-ATPase Yes
RAV2 Rav2p Subunit of RAVE complex, promotes assembly of V-ATPase Yes
  1. Fermentations (100 mL) were conducted in CDGJM_200 as described in Materials and Methods. Deletants which resulted in protracted fermentation were considered essential for fermentation in high sugar media, whilst those which were not affected, were considered non-essential.
  2. VMA9 (YCL005W-A) and SKP1 (YDR328C) are not in the homozygous diploid deletion library. SKP1 is an essential gene for growth.
  3. nd: not determined.