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Table 1 Top ten single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers significantly (chromosome-wise false discovery rate < 0.05) associated with antibody-mediated immune response in Holstein cows and genes within 250,000 base pairs flanking the markers

From: A genome-wide association study of immune response traits in Canadian Holstein cattle

BTA SNP Location (bp) -log10P Entrez gene ID
23 ARS-BFGL-NGS-111879 25,109,188 15.95 BolA-DQA1, ELOVL5, FBXO9, GCM1, GSTA3, GSTA4, GSTA5, ICK
23 Hapmap50029-BTA-55899 24,181,053 13.10 IL17A, IL17F, MIR133B, MIR206
23 BTA-27247-no-rs 26,736,263 12.49 BTN3A2, NOTCH4, TSBP
23 ARS-BFGL-NGS-105563 28,819,118 9.91 GABBR1, MOG, PPP1R11, TRIM10, TRIM15, TRIM26, TRIM31, TRIM40, UBD, ZNRD1
23 ARS-BFGL-BAC-3611 33,645,739 9.70 -
23 Hapmap57845-rs29014813 32,998,188 9.69 ACOT13, ALDH5A1, FAM65B, GMNN, GPLD1, MRS2, TDP2
23 Hapmap44002-BTA-110636 25,178,791 9.01 BOLA-DQA1, BOLA-DQB, ELOVL5, FBXO9, GCM1, GSTA3, GSTA4, ICK
23 BTA-55821-no-rs 27,944,066 8.98 ATAT1, BOLA, CCHCR1, CDSN, DDR1, DHX16, FLOT1, GTF2H4, IER3, KIAA1949, MDC1, MICB, MRPS18B, NRM, POU5F1, PPP1R10, PSORS1C2, SFTA2, TCF19, TUBB
23 ARS-BFGL-NGS-37272 32,025,158 8.78 HIST1H2BA, LRRC16A, SCGN, SLC17A1, SLC17A3, SLC17A4
23 Hapmap41584-BTA-56031 24,939,249 8.20 ELOVL5, FBXO9, GCM1, GSTA1, GSTA3, GSTA3, GSTA4, GSTA5, ICK, TMEM14A, TRAM2