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Table 2 Differences between Jeju and FS4401 in sequences of known genes

From: Extensive structural variations between mitochondrial genomes of CMS and normal peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) revealed by complete nucleotide sequencing

Genes in Jeju Gene length in Jeju Polymorphism in FS4401 Corresponding sequence in tobacco
matR 1977 904 gcA (A) → 904 gcG (A) 904 gcG (A)
atp4 597 16 acGAATATGCAg (TNMQ) 16 acGAATATGCAg (TNMQ)
→ 16 acg (T)
atp8 462 178 ccCAACAGTTTg (PNSL) 178 ccCAACTGTTTg (PNCL)
→ 178 ccg (P)
rpl2 999 337 ccCGGGAAGGGggat (PGKGD) 337 ccCGGGAAGGGggat (PGKGD)
→ 337 ccggat (PD)
sdh3 a 333 178 tTCttc (FF) 178 tCTttc (SF)
→ 178 tCTttc (SF)
atp6 1296 ψatp6-2 Higher similarity with atp6-1 in FS4401
283 gGt (G) → gCt (A)
316 ACa (T) → CAa (Q)
454 aaAGaa (KE) → aaCCaa (NQ)
no similarity in downstream of 931th bp due to DNA rearrangement
no similarity in upstream of 497th bp due to DNA rearrangement
  1. aThe SNP polymorphism can potentially be eliminated if the plant mitochondrial.
  2. C-to-U RNA editing occur.
  3. The pattern of base changes and corresponding amino acid changes is described. The polymorphic site (the number indicates the position of the first nucleotide), with the polymorphic nucleotide capitalized, and the corresponding amino acid in parentheses, is given to the left of the arrow for Jeju and to the right of the arrow for FS4401.