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Table 1 Summary of genome annotation

From: Genome and transcriptome sequencing identifies breeding targets in the orphan crop tef (Eragrostis tef)

Type Number or copies Total size (bp) Percent of genome
A. Repetitive Elements
Masked with WindowMasker   95556652 14.2
Masked with RepeatMasker   39352657 6.6
MITEs 77908 10783061 1.6
B. Noncoding RNAs
rRNA 80 13580  
tRNA 1184 88295  
miRNA 570 73999  
snRNA 834 95690  
C. Proteins
Dataset Number of clusters (unigene) Number of transcripts Average length of CDS (bp) Percentage of Genome
454Isotig 27756 38333 285 1.8
Extended 28113 88078 331 4.7
Maker prediction   42052 395 3.3
  1. Number and size of A) repetitive elements, B) noncoding RNAs, and C) proteins. Repetitive elements were quantified using WindowMasker, RepeatMasker and MITE-Hunter. The non-coding RNAs were found using the Infernal software with the Rfam database. The transcripts in two assemblies (454Isotigs, Extended) and the predicted genes in the genome (Maker) are also compared.