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Table 4 Distribution of OR gene pairs, triplets and quadruplets sharing a strong percentage level of nucleotide and AA identities

From: Inventory of the cichlid olfactory receptor gene repertoires: identification of olfactory genes with more than one coding exon

Pairs   Bur Zeb Bri Nye Til
  Bur 2 9 0 11 0
  Zeb   0 0 10 0
  Bri    0 1 0
  Nye     0 0
  Til      7
Triplets Bur Zeb Nye 37   
  Bur Bur Nye 1   
  Til Til Til 1   
Quadruplets Bur Zeb Nye Bri 2  
  Bur Zeb Nye Til 1  
  Til Til Til Til 1  
  1. Olfactory receptors sharing 99% of AA identity were identified from the phylogenetic tree. The greatest numbers of pairs or triplets were found between H. burtoni, M. zebra and P. nyererei, in agreement with their closer phylogenetic relatedness. In O. niloticus 7 pairs, 1 triplet and 2 quadruplets of paralogous genes were identified consistent with this repertoire having undergone a higher level of duplication. The list of genes is shown in Additional file 5.