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Table 1 Summary of RNA-Seq

From: De novo sequencing and comparative analysis of holy and sweet basil transcriptomes

  O. sanctum O. basilicum
Total Number of HQ Reads 45969831 50836347
Total Number of Reads (Mb) in trimmed data 45.97 50.84
Percentage of HQ Reads in trimmed data 100 100
Total Number of Bases in trimmed data 4542127604 5025102762
Percentage of HQ Bases in trimmed data 97.57 98.47
Percentage of Reads with Non- ATGC Characters in trimmed data 0.67 0.66
Total number of transcripts 69117 130043
Average Transcript Length (bp) 1646.4 1363.5
N50 value 2199 1929