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Table 2 Classification of the 31 selected genes

From: Highlights of glycosylation and adhesion related genes involved in myogenesis

Gene symbol Expression pattern Function Family
Art1 Up-regulated ADP-ribosylation Adhesion familly
Cd248 Up-regulated Potential angiogenesis role
Clec2d Up-regulated Osteogenesis inhibitor
Icam2 Up-regulated Cell-cell interaction
Itga5 Up-regulated Matrix remodeling
Itga6 Up-regulated Laminin receptor
Itga11 Up-regulated Collagen receptor
Itgb8 Up-regulated Fibronectin receptor
Klra2 Up-regulated Myosin heavy chain receptor
Lgals7 Up-regulated Cell-cell and cell-EMC interaction
Mcam Up-regulated Cellular adhesion
Itgb7 Down-regulated Lymphocyte homing and retention  
B4galt1 Up-regulated Keratan sulfate biosynthesis Glycanic synthesis/extension
Chst12 Up-regulated Dermatan sulfate biosynthesis
Cmah Up-regulated CMP-N-acetylneuraminic acid hydroxylase
Chst5 Up-regulated Keratan sulfate biosynthesis
Galntl1 Up-regulated O-Glycan core biosynthesis
Gcnt2 Up-regulated O-Glycan core biosynthesis
Has1 Up-regulated Hyaluranane synthase
Has2 Up-regulated Hyaluranane synthase
Hpse Up-regulated Heparanase
Renbp Up-regulated Epimerase
Pigc Up-regulated GPI anchor biosynthesis
Chst8 Down-regulated N-Glycan sulfation
Chst10 Down-regulated O-Glycan sulfation
Pmm1 Down-regulated Phospho-manno mutase  
Clec4d Down-regulated Endocytic receptor Other functions
Clgn Down-regulated Potential spermatogenesis role
Fcna Up-regulated Ficollin
Fut10 Down-regulated Chitobiose fucosylation
Fuk Down-regulated Fucose recycling  
  1. The selected 31 genes (Table 1) were classified according to the function of their products.