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Table 1 Resolution in comparison with Sanger based sequencing

From: Cost-efficient high-throughput HLA typing by MiSeq amplicon sequencing

Locus Sanger NGS
A 90.4% 99.8%
B 95.0% 97.6%
C 92.3% 95.7%
DPB1 99.8% 99.9%
DQB1 95.7% 100.0%
DRB1 96.6% 100.0%
Average 95.0% 98.8%
  1. Rate of high resolution typing results. Resolution of 37,975 samples typed by the proposed NGS approach in September 2013 was compared with 145,932 samples analyzed by Sanger sequencing in 2012. In accordance with the standards of the European Federation for Immunogenetics (EFI), we refer to allele typing results with no ambiguities in the antigen recognition site as “high resolution”.