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Table 2 Genetic effect of SNP (c. 1033 + 2184 C > T) on gEBV of STMA, CEL and MACL traits in Holsteins

From: A SNP in intron 8 of CD46 causes a novel transcript associated with mastitis in Holsteins

Genotype Sample number Genotype frequencies Allele frequencies STMA gEBV CEL gEBV MACL gEBV
CC 68 0.69 0.8316(C) 0.1279a 0.2580a −0.087c
CT 27 0.28   −0.0037b 0.1630b −0.2500b
TT 3 0.03 0.1684 (T) 0.2330a 0.2333a 0.2a
  1. gEBV - Genomic estimated breeding value; STMA - Udder health synthesis; CEL - Milk somatic cell score; MACL - Occurrence of clinical mastitis;
  2. Superscript different letters (a, b, c) in the same column denote difference p < 0.05.