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Table 1 Features of L. rhinocerotis

From: The genome of the Tiger Milk mushroom, Lignosus rhinocerotis, provides insights into the genetic basis of its medicinal properties

Scaffold features
Total number 1,338
Total length (bp) 34,316,739
N50 (bp) 90,329
N90 (bp) 14,636
Max length (bp) 596,193
Min length (bp) 1,002
Sequence GC content (%) 53.71
Genome features
Genome assembly (Mb) 34.3
Number of protein-coding genes 10,742
Coding sequences/genome (%) 44.31
Average gene length (bp) 1843.48
Average coding sequence length (bp) 1414.33
Average exon length (nt) 234.30
Average intron length (nt) 85.21
Average number of exons per gene 6.04