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Figure 3

From: A Bead-based Normalization for Uniform Sequencing depth (BeNUS) protocol for multi-samples sequencing exemplified by HLA-B

Figure 3

Alignment view of heterozygous samples showing several SNVs or a single SNV between two HLA allele sequences in one exon. The horizontal axis shows the position in HLA-B and red boxes at the top are exon regions. The vertical axis of upper graph in each sample shows read depth at each position, and red and blue bars in lower region are aligned reads as read1 (red) and read2 (blue). In the read depth graph, the gray color denotes bases identical with the reference genome, and, green, blue, orange, and red colors denote bases different from reference genome as A, C, G and T, respectively. If a position has 2 colors, it means heterozygous SNV, meanwhile, 1 color at one position means homozygous SNV. Red arrow indicates positions of the heterozygous SNVs.

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