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Table 1 Pathway enrichment study based on genes differentially transcribed between control and BaP-exposed animals

From: Impaired liver function in Xenopus tropicalis exposed to benzo[a]pyrene: transcriptomic and metabolic evidence

  Kegg pathway Number of genes Fold enrichment p value*
UP Steroid biosynthesis (cholesterol biosynthesis) 7 23.8 1.6E-07
Insulin signaling pathway 7 3.1 2.3E-02
Adipocytokine signaling pathway 5 5 1.6E-02
MAPK signaling pathway 9 2.5 2.4E-02
Glycolysis / Gluconeogenesis 4 4.5 5E-02
DOWN Steroid biosynthesis (cholesterol biosynthesis) 4 27.8 3.3E-04
  Tight junction 6 5.3 4.6E-03
  1. The 308 genes showing a significant differential transcription at least one time point were used for annotation enrichment using the DAVID (Database for Annotation, Visualisation and Integrated Discovery) functional annotation tool. *modified Fisher’s Exact test (p < 0.05).