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Table 3 Nucleotide variation(s) within the coding genes of the electron transport complexes

From: Accelerated evolution of the mitochondrial genome in an alloplasmic line of durum wheat

  Gene T. turgidum Ae. longissima (lo) durum Amino acid change
Complex I nad3-1* +
  nad3-2 T/C185 T/C185 L/P
Complex IV cox3-1 +
  cox3-2 A/C157, GA/TC687 I/L, QM/HL
  cox3-3 A/C157 I/L
Complex V atp1-1 +
  atp1-2 A/T1431 A/T1431 No change
  atp8-I-1* +
  atp8-I-2 C/A239  
  atp8-I-3 C/T39, A/G149, G/A166  
  atp8-II-1* +
  atp8-II-2 C/A239, G/A463, T/C467  
  atp8-II-3 G/A462, T/C467  
Other proteins mttB-1 + +
  mttB-2 T/G 41 L/W
Variations &   0 4 3  
  1. Arabic numbers indicate the SNP position relative to the start codon.
  2. +/− Indicates the presence/absence of gene allele in a particular genome.
  3. *Gene with multiple alleles. Reported here are only the most abundant alleles.
  4. &Summary of nucleotide variation observe only in genes with one know allele of that gene within species.
  5. Listed are the nucleotide changes found in the (lo) durum, and the Ae. longissima with the T. turgidum as the reference sequence. The SNP’s characteristic for each line are bold.