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Table 3 Differential expression

From: Influence of RNA extraction methods and library selection schemes on RNA-seq data

  Down Up
PolyA Qiagen vs PolyA Trizol 17 4
PolyA Qiagen vs RiboZ Qiagen 141 684
PolyA Trizol vs RiboZ Trizol 344 723
RiboZ Qiagen vs RiboZ Trizol 77 2
PolyA Qiagen vs RiboZ Trizol 313 729
PolyA Trizol vs RiboZ Qiagen 158 681
RiboZ cyt vs RiboZ nuc 2295 2671
  1. The table lists the number of protein coding genes detected as differentially expressed by the NOISeq algorithm across the different protocols.