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Table 2 Summary of DNA biophysical characterization of representative 2G QFP and corresponding control sequences

From: Association of G-quadruplex forming sequences with human mtDNA deletion breakpoints

    Min. distance Melting T1/2°C*
Oligo Sequence Midpoint 5′ 3′
A GGA TGG GGT GGG GAG G 14813 27 0 80.0±1.5
Ac AGA TGG AGT GGA GAG G     11.6±1.0
B GGG GGA TGC GGG GG 13760 1 0 85.2±0.9
Bc AGG AGA TGC AGG AG     14.0±2.0
C GGA GGG TGG ATG G 5206 11 0 53.6±1.0
Cc AGA GGG TAG ATG G     26.9±0.5
  1. Oligonucleotides with QFP (A-C) or control sequences as indicted with (c) (mutations to ablate QFP are shown in bold) were tested for folding stability as reflected through their melting temperature, T1/2. Midpoints of these sequences, their minimum distance to a 5′ and 3′ breakpoint, and T1/2 are indicated. Melting temperatures were determined from CD melting curves as described in Methods section.