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Table 6 Genes involved in energy conservation in " Ca . M. alvus", " Ca . M. intestinalis" and M. luminyensis and accession numbers of the proteins they encode

From: Comparative genomics highlights the unique biology of Methanomassiliicoccales, a Thermoplasmatales-related seventh order of methanogenic archaea that encodes pyrrolysine

  "Ca. M. alvus" "Ca. M. intestinalis" M. luminyensis Transmembrane helices
ATP synthase
ahaH AGI84762.1 AGN25422.1 WP_019178382.1 no
ahaI AGI84763.1 AGN25423.1 WP_019178381.1 yes
ahaK AGI84764.1 AGN25424.1 WP_019178380.1 yes
ahaE AGI84765.1 AGN25425.1 WP_019178379.1 no
ahaC AGI84766.1 AGN25426.1 WP_019178378.1 no
ahaF AGI84767.1 AGN25427.1 WP_019178377.1 no
ahaA AGI84768.1 AGN25428.1 WP_019178376.1 no
ahaB AGI84769.1 AGN25429.1 WP_019178375.1 no
ahaD AGI84770.1 AGN25430.1 WP_019178374.1 no
Membrane-bound proton-translocating pyrophosphatase
hppA / AGN26077.1 WP_019176822.1 yes
Heterodisulfide reductase
hdrA AGI85054.1 AGN25863.1 WP_019177460.1 no
hdrB1 AGI86093.1 AGN25718.1 WP_019177711.1 no
hdrB2 AGI85474.1 AGN25916.1 WP_019176125.1 no
hdrC1 AGI86094.1 AGN25719.1 WP_019177712.1 no
hdrC2 / / WP_019176126.1 no
hdrD1 AGI86375.1 AGN25510.1 WP_019178460.1 no
hdrD2 AGI86212.1 AGN25649.1 WP_019177852.1 no
hdrD3 / / WP_019177557.1 no
hdrE / / / /
Methyl-viologen-reducing hydrogenase
mvhD1 AGI85055.1 AGN25864.1 WP_019177459.1 no
mvhD2 / AGN25453.1 WP_019176201.1 no
mvhD3 / / WP_019176130.1 no
mvhG AGI85056.1 AGN25865.1 WP_019177458.1 no
mvhA AGI85057.1 AGN25866.1 WP_019177457.1 no
F420H2 dehydrogenase-like/11-subunit respiratory complex 1
fpoA AHA34030.1 AGN25601.1 WP_019176183.1 yes
fpoB AGI84952.1 AGN25602.1 WP_019176182.1 no
fpoC AGI84953.1 AGN25603.1 WP_019176181.1 no
fpoD AGI84954.1 AGN25604.1 WP_019176180.1 no
fpoF / / /  
fpoH AGI84955.1 AGN25605.1 WP_019176179.1 yes
fpoI AGI84956.1 AGN25606.1 WP_019176178.1 no
fpoJ N AGI84957.1 AGN25607.1 WP_019176177.1 yes
fpoJ C AGI84958.1 AGN25608.1 WP_019176176.1 yes
fpoK AGI84959.1 AGN25609.1 WP_019176175.1 yes
fpoL AGI84960.1 AGN25610.1 WP_019176174.1 yes
fpoM AGI84961.1 AGN25611.1 WP_019176173.1 yes
fpoN AGI84962.1 AGN25612.1 WP_019176172.1 yes
fpoO / / /  
Energy-converting hydrogenase
echA1 / AGN25511.1 WP_019178471.1 yes
echA2 / AGN26997.1 WP_019176386.1 yes
echB1 / AGN25512.1 WP_019178472.1 yes
echB2 / AGN26998.1 WP_019176385.1 yes
echC1 / AGN25513.1 WP_019178473.1 no
echC2 / AGN26999.1 WP_019176384.1 no
echD1 / AGN25514.1 WP_019178474.1 no
echD2 / AGN27000.1 WP_019176383.1 no
echE1 / AGN25515.1 WP_019178475.1 no
echE2 / AGN27001.1 WP_019176382.1 no
echF1 / AGN25516.1 WP_019178476.1 no
echF2 / AGN27002.1 WP_019176381.1 no
Liposoluble electron transporter synthesis
ispA a AGI84964.1 AGN25614.1 WP_019176170.1 /
ubiA b AGI85875.1 AGN26416.1 WP_019178349.1 /
ubiE c AGI85874.1 AGN26417.1 WP_019178072.1 /
   AGN25541.1 WP_019178198.1  
  1. aencoding a geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase (GGPPS).
  2. bencoding a1,4-dihydroxy-2-naphthoate octaprenyltransferase (DHNOPT).
  3. cencoding a 2-heptaprenyl-1,4-naphthoquinone methyltransferase (HPNQMT).