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Table 3 Eimeria falcifomis Rhoptry kinases (RopKs)

From: The genome of Eimeria falciformis - reduction and specialization in a single host apicomplexan parasite

gene Best HMM Best score General PK score E. tenellaortholog T. gondiiortholog
EfaB_MINUS_17096.g1521 ROPK-Eten3 252.90 95.60 ETH_00005415, ETH_00028835  
EfaB_MINUS_32658.g2475 ROPK-Eten5 167.00 48.30 ETH_00002510  
EfaB_MINUS_42996.g2710 ROP35 323.90 80.10 ETH_00005905 TGME49_104740
EfaB_MINUS_720.g57 ROPK-Unique 169.60 79.70 ETH_00005190 ROP18++
EfaB_PLUS_15899.g1411 ROPK 146.20 86.60   
EfaB_PLUS_24117.g1969 ROPK-Unique 188.30 3.00 ETH_00013325*  
EfaB_PLUS_33184.g2393 ROPK-Unique 138.40 47.10 ETH_00005170  
EfaB_PLUS_47595.g2679 ROP21-27 367.60 90.40   TGME49_113330
EfaB_PLUS_7742.g778 ROP21-27 391.80 86.80 ETH_00014495 TGME49_063220
EfaB_PLUS_8664.g829 ROP35 282.70 73.80 ETH_00026495  
  1. For putative E. falcifomis RopKs the family categorization obtained searching the HMMs developed by Talevich et al. [49] is given (best HMM). The score against this HMM can be compared with the score against the general protein-kinase-like profile (PKL score) to distinguish RopKs from universal kinases (see also Figure 4). Finally orthologs from E. tenella and T. gondii are given. The E. tenella ortholog marked with * is not included in the RopKs described by Talevich et al. [48], therefore EfaB_PLUS_24117.g1969 is not counted as having a RopK ortholog. Rop18 (marked with ++) is not found in ortholog clusters. The E. falciformis gene, however, shows sequence similarity to Rop18-III from T. gondii (GI: 117574634).