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Table 4 Vitiligo related functions of candidate genes

From: Genome resequencing and bioinformatic analysis of SNP containing candidate genes in the autoimmune vitiligo Smyth line chicken model

Functions # molecules Genes involved
Dermatological diseases/conditions 14 ADAMTS13, ASPM, ATP6V0A2, BRCA2, COL12A1, GRM5, LRP2, MKI67, OBSCN, PLAU, RNF168, STAB2, XIRP1
Inflammatory response 10 ADAMTS13, CBS, OL3A1, LRP2, LRP8, NR2C2, PDE7B, PLAU, PON2, SLC6A4
Inflammatory disease 9 CBS, LRP2, MKI67, NCF2, NR2C2, PDE7B, PLAU, SLC6A4
Immunological disease 5 BRCA2, LRP2, NR2C2,PRKDC, RNF168
Immune cell trafficking 2 CBS, PLAU
Infectious disease 1 PLAU