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Table 3 Excerpt of gene ontology (GO) cluster classification

From: A SAGE based approach to human glomerular endothelium: defining the transcriptome, finding a novel molecule and highlighting endothelial diversity

GO ID P-value HGMEC count Total count GO Term
Cluster 1 (Translation and energy metabolism)
GO:0031145 2.64E-004 7 59 Anaphase-promoting complex-dependent proteasomal ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process
GO:0043161 2.24E-004 8 76 Proteasomal ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process
GO:0006511 3.08E-003 10 165 Ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process
GO:0044265 8.83E-004 15 274 Cellular macromolecule catabolic process
GO:0044260 2.60E-009 81 2044 Cellular macromolecule metabolic process
GO:0043170 1.84E-003 112 4217 Macromolecule metabolic process
GO:0006414 9.54E-049 41 78 Translational elongation
GO:0006412 2.67E-027 48 326 Translation
GO:0043284 3.35E-004 61 1871 Biopolymer biosynthetic process
GO:0009059 1.31E-004 72 2251 Macromolecule biosynthetic process
GO:0044249 2.86E-004 68 2142 Cellular biosynthetic process
GO:0009058 1.95E-003 76 2627 Biosynthetic process
GO:0044237 5.08E-003 128 5073 Cellular metabolic process
GO:0010467 1.39E-004 74 2337 Gene expression
GO:0009987 2.55E-004 184 7730 Cellular process
GO:0006120 3.76E-003 4 30 Mitochondrial electron transport, NADH to ubiquinone
GO:0042775 1.27E-004 6 37 Organelle ATP synthesis coupled electron transport
GO:0006119 1.90E-004 7 56 Oxidative phosphorylation
GO:0006096 9.71E-003 4 39 Glycolysis
GO:0006091 5.24E-005 14 187 Generation of precursor metabolites and energy
Cluster 2 (Ubiquitination)
GO:0051437 4.62E-005 8 61 Positive regulation of ubiquitin-protein ligase activity during mitotic cell cycle
GO:0043085 2.93E-003 13 249 Positive regulation of catalytic activity
GO:0051436 2.37E-004 7 58 Negative regulation of ubiquitin-protein ligase activity during mitotic cell cycle
GO:0043086 8.56E-003 8 134 Negative regulation of catalytic activity
Cluster 3 (Interspecies interaction)
GO:0044419 1.18E-004 13 177 Interspecies interaction between organisms
GO:0051704 5.88E-004 17 321 Multi-organism process
Cluster 4 (Apoptosis)
GO:0006916 1.15E-003 9 120 Anti-apoptosis
GO:0043066 4.15E-003 10 172 Negative regulation of apoptosis
GO:0051093 6.73E-003 12 244 Negative regulation of developmental process
GO:0042981 4.69E-003 17 390 Regulation of apoptosis
GO:0006915 6.48E-003 22 575 Apoptosis
GO:0050793 7.01E-003 22 579 Regulation of developmental process
Cluster 5 (Cytoskeleton organization)
GO:0030036 2.25E-003 10 158 Actin cytoskeleton organization and biogenesis
GO:0030029 1.32E-003 11 173 Actin filament-based process
GO:0007010 6.17E-003 16 368 Cytoskeleton organization and biogenesis
  1. Into this GO analysis only 268 tags were included which were expressed in ex vivo glomeruli as well predominant to HGMEC when compared to other 16 types of EC. Total count: number of molecules present in the cluster; HGMEC count: how many of the total number of molecules in a cluster are present in HGMEC; p-value: comparison between the total number of members in a cluster and the count of those which are expressed in HGMEC as a sign of enrichment.