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Table 1 Genes differentially expressed in the zur mutant

From: Analysis of the Caulobacter crescentus Zur regulon reveals novel insights in zinc acquisition by TonB-dependent outer membrane proteins

Gene number Gene name Predicted Zur binding sequence Predicted functiona Fold change (zur/wt)
CC0214 znuL TACGTTATTTCATAACAGT TonB-dependent receptor 5.02
CC0320 zrpW AATGTTACTTTATAACACG Hypothetical protein (putative transporter domain) 8.15
CC0482    5-methyltetrahydropteroyltriglutamate/homocysteine S-methyltransferase (EC: 2.33
CC0663b znuM CCTGTTACAGAATAACAGG TonB-dependent receptor 7.21
CC1517 znuK GATGTTATATCATAACAAT TonB-dependent receptor 41.30
CC1518 znuG ATTGTTATGATATAACATC ABC-2 type transport system ATP-binding protein 29.39
CC1519 znuH   ABC-2 type transport system permease protein 38.09
CC1520 znuI   ABC-2 type transport system permease protein 11.61
CC0027    PKHD-type hydroxylase (2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase superfamily) 0.31
CC0711 feoA   Ferrous iron transport protein A 0.45
CC1775    Hypothetical protein (DUF2946 domain) 0.37
CC1776    Transcriptional regulator (GntR family) 0.48
CC1777 sodA   Superoxide dismutase, Fe-Mn family 0.23
CC1778    TonB-dependent receptor 0.44
CC1780    ThiJ/PfpI protease family protein 0.50
CC1782    Hypothetical protein 0.47
CC2192    Hypothetical protein (DUF3297 and Maf-like domains) 0.44
CC2193    Hypothetical protein 0.48
CC2720b   GCCGTAATTAAGTAACAGA Hypothetical protein (Predicted periplasmic or external membrane component protein with DUF2946 domain) 0.46
CC2721 czrC   RND system 0.29
CC2722b czrB   RND system 0.59
CC2723    Hypothetical protein (Predicted periplasmic protein) 0.46
CC2724 czrA   RND system 0.40
CC2725    Hypothetical protein (Predicted cytoplasmic membrane component with DUF190 domain) 0.38
CC2726 zntA   P-type ATPase 0.31
CC2727    Hypothetical protein (glutaredoxin domain) 0.40
CC2927    Hypothetical protein (PepSY-associated TM helix) 0.41
CC2928    TonB-dependent receptor 0.46
CC3060    Hypothetical protein (Predicted periplasmic protein with DUF2271 domain) 0.50
CC3061    Hypothetical protein (DUF4198 domain) 0.41
CC3263 bfd   Hypothetical protein (Fer2_BFD domain) 0.28
  1. aProtein function is described as annotated at the KEGG website.
  2. bThese genes had altered expression in the zur mutant but did not reach the cutoff criteria established for differentially expressed genes.