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Table 1 Relative enrichment of the motif for the ChIP-ed TF in tamoxifen-treated and untreated MCF10A-ER-Src cells

From: Differential motif enrichment analysis of paired ChIP-seq experiments

      Fisher E-value
ChIP A B Motif A vs. B B vs. A
FOS Tam 4 hr EtOH Fos 884 1.24e-87
FOS Tam 12 hr EtOH Fos 884 4.07e-59
FOS Tam 36 hr EtOH Fos 884 1.24e-06
MYC Tam 4 hr EtOH Myc 884 4.95e-05
STAT3 Tam 12 hr EtOH Stat3 884 2.74e-11
STAT3 Tam 36 hr EtOH Stat3 884 1.15e-10
  1. The table columns show the name of the ChIP-ed transcription factor (“ChIP”), the names of the two ChIP-seq peak region sets (columns “A” and “B”), the name of the known (JASPAR) motif for the ChIP-ed TF (“Motif”) and the Fisher E-value (adjusted for 884 known motifs) reported by CentriMo when the first-named peak region set is used as the “treatment” and the second as the “control”. CentriMo site probability curves for the cases in bold font and the JASPAR IDs of the known motifs are given in Figure 1.