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Table 2 Relatively enriched motifs in tamoxifen-treated vs. untreated MCF10A-ER-Src cells

From: Differential motif enrichment analysis of paired ChIP-seq experiments

4 hr   12 hr   36 hr  
Motif E-value Motif E-value Motif E-value
STAT1 5.7e-22 STAT1 1.6e-24 STAT1 1.5e-17
Stat3 7.2e-18 Stat3 3.3e-21 Stat3 1.4e-05
FLI1_full 1.3e-08 FEV 1.1e-14 ATF4_DBD 2.2e-05
FEV_DBD 1.9e-08 ETS1_DBD 1.1e-13 NFIL3_DBD 7.4e-05
ETV4_DBD 3.1e-08 ELK3_DBD 1.3e-13 HLF_full 0.00015
ELK1_DBD 5.7e-08 FLI1_full 1.4e-13 ETV1_DBD 0.00032
FLI1_DBD 5.8e-08 ERG_DBD 1.6e-13 ETV4_DBD 0.00037
ERG_DBD 8.1e-08 ERG_full 1.6e-13 HLF 0.00048
ELK3_DBD 8.8e-08 ELK1_DBD 2.2e-13 ELK3_DBD 0.00063
ETS1_full 1.1e-07 RELA 3.3e-13 ETV6_full_2 0.0011
4 hr   12 hr   36 hr  
Motif E-value Motif E-value Motif E-value
Fos 5.7e-17 Fos 1.8e-42 Fos 1.7e-32
AP1 3.4e-16 AP1 9.7e-33 AP1 2.2e-22
STAT1 1.1e-08 JDP2_DBD 1.5e-21 JDP2_full 3.4e-20
Stat3 0.0027 JDP2_full 1.1e-20 JDP2_DBD 1.2e-19
RELA 0.0085 Jdp2_DBD 6.4e-17 Jdp2_DBD 5.3e-18
NF-kappaB 0.0088 NFE2_DBD 3e-14 NFE2_DBD 1.2e-10
NFE2L1::MafG 0.065 NFE2L1::MafG 6.8e-09 NFE2L1::MafG 8e-09
CEBPA 0.11 NFE2L2 9.7e-05 MEOX2_DBD 0.0077
FEV 0.28 MAFF_DBD 0.27 NFE2L2 0.0078
REL 0.49 Pax2 0.3 MEOX1_full 0.097
  1. The table shows the ten most differentially enriched motifs in ChIP-seq peaks for the given ChIP-ed TF (top lines) in MCF10A-ER-Src cells treated with tamoxifen for the given time (second lines) compared with untreated cells. The name of the JASPAR or Jolma et al.[3] motif and its Fisher E-value as computed by CentriMo are given and each column in the table is sorted by E-value. Significant (0.05) E-values are shown in bold font. All enriched motifs have odds ratios at least 1.09.