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Table 6 MCF10A-ER-Src ChIP-seq data files

From: Differential motif enrichment analysis of paired ChIP-seq experiments

TF Treatment File name
FOS 36 hr EtOH wgEncodeAwgTfbsSydhMcf10aesCfosEtoh01HvdUniPk.narrowPeak.gz
  4 hr tamoxifen wgEncodeAwgTfbsSydhMcf10aesCfosTam14hHvdUniPk.narrowPeak.gz
  12 hr tamoxifen wgEncodeAwgTfbsSydhMcf10aesCfosTam112hHvdUniPk.narrowPeak.gz
  36 hr tamoxifen wgEncodeAwgTfbsSydhMcf10aesCfosTamHvdUniPk.narrowPeak.gz
MYC 36 hr EtOH wgEncodeAwgTfbsSydhMcf10aesCmycEtoh01HvdUniPk.narrowPeak.gz
  4 hr tamoxifen wgEncodeAwgTfbsSydhMcf10aesCmycTam14hHvdUniPk.narrowPeak.gz
STAT3 36 hr EtOH wgEncodeAwgTfbsSydhMcf10aesStat3Etoh01UniPk.narrowPeak.gz
  12 hr tamoxifen wgEncodeAwgTfbsSydhMcf10aesStat3Tam112hHvdUniPk.narrowPeak.gz
  36 hr tamoxifen wgEncodeAwgTfbsSydhMcf10aesStat3TamUniPk.narrowPeak.gz
  1. The table shows the name of the file (“File Name”) on the UCSC ENCODE website ( containing the ChIP-seq peaks for the given transcription factor (“TF”) assayed in MCF10A-ER-Src cells after treatment with 0.01% ethanol or 1 μm tamoxifen for the stated time (“Treatment”).