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Table 1 Summary of results obtained from bioinformatics analysis of each small RNA library

From: Genome-wide identification of microRNA and siRNA responsive to endophytic beneficial diazotrophic bacteria in maize

Description CT Hs
Filtered readsa 750935 1396995
miRNA 244 308
Conserved miRNAb 237 295
Novel miRNAc 7 11
siRNA candidate 750691 1396687
  1. aFiltering for tRNA, rRNA, low-complexity sequence and trimming for “N” bases and 3′ adapters.
  2. bKnown miRNAs deposited at miRBase database.
  3. cmiRNAs class I detected by miRCat pipeline.
  4. Overall information of filtered reads, number of miRNAs detected, known miRNAs, novel miRNAs and siRNAs using data from libraries experiment A.