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Figure 1

From: Genome analysis of Campylobacter jejuni strains isolated from a waterborne outbreak

Figure 1

BLAST atlas produced using BLAST Ring Image Generator v 0.95. In the middle, a genome atlas of C. jejuni 4031 strain is shown, around which BLAST lanes are shown. Every lane corresponds to a genome. From in to out: GC skew; GC content; BLASTN pairwise comparison of C. jejuni genomes: IHV116260 (human waterborne outbreak); IHV116292 (human waterborne outbreak); BIGS0004, ST-45 (chicken); 55037, ST-45 (chicken); 4028, ST-1971 (chicken farm environment); M1, ST-137 (human); 327, ST-230 (turkey); 81116, ST-267 (human); RM1221, ST-354 (human); annotation: green, CRISPR/Cas locus; red, CPS locus/genes; purple, Flagellar locus; blue, LOS locus; grey, Campylobacter integrate elements; black, locus_tags of C. jejuni 4031 (BN867_).

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